Mark 1-8

WORD & SPIRIT - MARK 1 - 8 booklet and DVD

The Mark 1 - 8 booklet explores one story from each chapter with a collection of questions and comment, suggestions for personal interaction with the story, guidance for meditation on a verse from the chapter, and practical application.

Lessons for life …. from Mark                          

Mark 1       Jesus is coming                                                                                  
Mark 2       Jesus has unique authority                                                                 
Mark 3       Jesus chooses                                                                                     
Mark 4       Jesus teaches                                                                                     
Mark 5       Jesus is the miracle worker                                                               
Mark 6       Jesus is rejected and hurt by people but He is still good to them     
Mark 7       Jesus reveals who He is                                                                    
Mark 8       Change is coming for Jesus       

Each DVD provides a 10-15 minute introduction to each chapter of the booklet.  It can be shown at the start of each Bible study as it will set the context for the study to come.           


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